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Divide by zero errors are fairly easy to prevent in this way or if you know how the calculations are made on the variables that are involved in a divide operation. Related, though a bit different are unintentional and sinister zero creation via integer division bugs. For instance, if length is an external int input and the desired output is a floating point number: The EA is running ok without any "zero divide error". But I notice that the EA will "freeze" or should I said that it stop working after the objective is met. Example, if I select the "close all orders now", the ea will close all the orders when the tick comes in. After that, another tick comes it, the ea is "freeze" & stop working, you can ... Divide by zero can be a headache to find in MetaQuotes MQL, but there are some things you can do minimize the pain. If there are only a few places in which division by a variable takes place then you could use a regular expression to help find those lines: example: (/){1,1}[^/][^0-9] looks for a '/' then anything but a '/' then anything but a ... ERR_REMAINDER_FROM_ZERO_DIVIDE: 4012: Remainder from zero divide. ERR_ZERO_DIVIDE: 4013: Zero divide. ERR_UNKNOWN_COMMAND: 4014: Unknown command. ERR_WRONG_JUMP: 4015: Wrong jump. ERR_NOT_INITIALIZED_ARRAY: 4016: Not initialized array. ERR_DLL_CALLS_NOT_ALLOWED: 4017: DLL calls are not allowed. ERR_CANNOT_LOAD_LIBRARY: 4018: Cannot load library ... Diese Funktion führt ständig zur Fehlermeldung "Zero Divide". Ich vermute also, dass der Nenner, genauer (Max-Bid) häufig zu 0 wird. (?) Aber sollte die if-Bedingung nicht genau diesen Fehler vermeiden ? Ich wäre dankbar über Tipps, was da nicht stimmt. PS: Mein Broker zeigt den Kurs auf 5 Nachkommastellen an. Diese Funktion soll den maximalen Kurs der letzten 5 Candles ermitteln und den ... recently i have the problem with couple of indicators ,they report 'zero divide' but i am sure there is no division by zero.I checked history and all data is ok. I tried with other cross then i get that indicator to work but other one reports 'zero divide'. I suspect that my mt4 is corrupted or i have a virus. with the code above I get a zero divide problem, however if I just use 1/iClose(NULL,0,1); instead without the adding to the array value, it computes the proper calculation. how can I get these to work for stored values?

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Get almost perfect MT4 Expert Advisor back testing results ...

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